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Accidents at work solicitors: here to make claiming compensation after suffering an accident at work stress-free, so you can focus on getting back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Our expertise

Our specialist work accident solicitors have helpd people claim compensation for accidents suffered at their place of work for many years. We understand our sensitive these cases can be and help to get your case finalised as effectively and efficiently as possible, without damaging working relationships. Our team have helped people who have suffered a wide range of injuries, including: 

  • Workplace slips/trips - offices can contain lots of wires trailing over the floor, factories can be strewn with product off-cuts that get dropped, and construction sites can have unguarded holes or trenches. There are numerous hazards that could be found and numerous ways in which you can fall foul of them. If you have been injured as a result, let us know and we can advise on what to do.
  • Falls from height - it is not just unsafe scaffolding that can give rise to a claim. Precautions still need to be taken in dealing with relatively simple equipment like ladders. A fall from a height does not have to be 20ft to do damage or hurt. If the work you are doing has not been planned or carried out safely, you may have a case. Call us to find out.
  • Heavy lifting - Back injuries are unfortunately common from this type of work but pulls and strains can also occur. If you have to lift or carry or push or pull heavy items, you should be shown how to do it properly to avoid injury. You do not have to do the heavy lifting job all the time - if you have to do it at all, you should be shown properly.
  • Faulty equipment - Anything you use to do your job should be appropriate for that job and safe to be used. If your equipment breaks or explodes, is simply not fit for purpose or you are not shown properly how to use it, and you are injured as a result, speak to us about it.
  • Careless colleagues - from being run over by a forklift truck to being the victim of a ‘prank’, there are many ways that workmates might not pay enough attention to your safety, and your/their employer will be responsible for their carelessness if that results in injury to you. 

Making a claim

You go to work to help your employer’s business - in return, they have to provide you with a safe place to work, safe equipment and reasonably competent colleagues. If your employer fails on any of these, leading to you suffering an injury, there is a potential claim for compensation. If the injury that you have suffered at work was a result of a one-off incident, then read on for more information in the section below. If you have suffered an injury or disease over a period of time, please visit our industrial diseases page here.

You can claim compensation for a work accident injury whether you were working as a full time or part time employee, a temporary worker, a self-employed contractor or if you were just visiting a business at the time of the accident. By law, employers are required to have valid 'Employers Liability' insurance cover to protect people from workplace accidents. In most work accident claims the case for compensation is brought against the Employers’ Liability insurance company, and not the employer.  

Depending on the nature of your work and your contract, you may not be entitled to receive your full wage if you need time off to recover. We can advise you on the steps to take not only in dealing with finances whilst you are off, but also in getting the treatment you need to get back on your feet and how to deal with your boss. It doesn’t matter if you are full-time, part-time, temporary or zero-hours - speak to us to discuss what we can do for you.

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