Accidents at Work

Careless Colleagues At Workplace Legal Services

It is more common than you would think that an employee suffers an injury as the result of the actions of a workmate. To cause the injuries, the workmate’s actions may have been considered to be careless or it might have happened as a result of inadequate work equipment or training or simply been caused by the colleague’s incompetence.

Victims of these sorts of accidents or injuries are sometimes unaware that it is often still possible to bring a claim for compensation against their employers rather than considering suing a workmate. Employers are legally responsible for the actions of their employees, who are regarded as acting as their “servants or agents” whilst they are working. If the employer failed to train or adequately equip the workmate, then they are likely to be held to blame for the accident. If the employee was simply negligent, or did something stupid, like reverse a fork lift truck without looking, then it is still likely that the employer will be held to blame for the accident. Employers owe many legal duties to keep employees safe in the workplace, including providing them with sensible, competent and sufficiently equipped workmates, and so it is often possible to make a successful claim for compensation. From being run over by a forklift truck to being the victim of a ‘prank’, there are many ways that workmates might not pay enough attention to your safety. In the event of on an injury and your employer will be responsible for their carelessness.

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