Accidents at Work

Heavy Lifting Injury Solicitors

Back injuries are unfortunately the most common from heavy lifting types of work but pulls and strains can also occur. Approximately 40% of all workplace injury at work claims involve manual handling or a heavy lifting injury. Injuries can be caused by pushing, twisting, pulling or by awkward posture. When you are at work, employers have a duty to protect their employees from the risks involved with their occupation. The employee is obliged to provide adequate training, equipment, and guidance to prevent injury and harm. Despite these clearly defined obligations, heavy lifting accidents continue to happen. Often untrained personnel will be asked to move heavy furnishings or equipment without training; leading to hernias and shoulder injuries. In other cases, employees may make an existing injury worse after being forced to help out with something despite objecting.

Workers who sustain serious injury may be unable to continue with their current job, which could have a huge impact on their lives and future job prospects. This can result in financial losses to an individual and their family. Injury at work compensation claims can help ease these financial losses and help you get your life back on track.

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