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Our prenuptial, postnuptial and separation agreement solicitors can help you draft a fair, robust nuptial agreement which ensures all financial and personal arrangements are taken care of in the event of your marriage or civil partnership dissolving.

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What is a nuptial agreement?

A nuptial agreement is an agreement a couple enters into which details each partner’s rights in regards to joint assets such as property, finances, debts and inheritance, detailing how they are to be divided in the event of a separation.

In recent years English courts have been putting more weight on pre and postnuptial agreements, as long as they are seen to be fair and there is no evidence of one party agreeing under duress, making a properly-drawn agreement increasingly significant.

What’s the difference between a prenuptial, postnuptial and separation agreement?

Although the objective of each of these agreements is the same, they are differentiated by the time a couple drafts the agreement and how they are enforced by the courts.

A prenuptial agreement is something couples agree to prior to marriage, and is used to ensure that each partner’s assets ae protected in the event of the marriage dissolving. Prenuptial agreements are especially popular amongst people who have build substantial assets prior to their current relationship or who are expecting to receive a large inheritance over the course of the marriage.

In these cases, a prenuptial agreement helps to ensure these assets are recognised to be separate assets from joint assets build over the course of a relationship and are protected during divorce proceedings.

Postnuptial agreements have the same objective as prenuptial agreements, but are differentiated by the fact that they are entered into after a couple has got married.

Planning a wedding is an expensive, stressful occasion, meaning many people do not have the opportunity to finalise a prenuptial agreement. By waiting until you’re married and drawing up a postnuptial agreement you are able to take more time drawing up the agreement to ensure both parties are completely happy with the end result.

Postnuptial agreements are also often used as a way to amend a prenuptial agreement when the circumstances of the couple has changed dramatically over the years. They ensure the agreement takes all new information into account, making the agreement more likely to hold up in court.

Separation agreements, on the other hand, are a necessary part of the divorce process. Arranged separately from the legal act of getting a divorce, they are the final agreement on how all marital assets will be split and are often the final step before being able to move forward following the breakdown of a marriage.

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