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We understand how stressful it is to have your visa application rejected.

Often, you will have started a life in the UK and any rejection throws your future plans completely awry.

It’s why our visa refusal appeals solicitors provide more than just an in-depth legal knowledge, we also provide complete support for you personally throughout the process.

Our team is always available for help and advice, and knows exactly what to do to maximise your chance of success and make the process as smooth as possible.

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How we can help you

At present, UK visa refusal decisions stand at an average of around 15%. And with the government putting an increasing focus on reducing immigration, this is expected to continue to rise in the coming years.

If you have been rejected, we can help you lodge an appeal against the decision which maximises your chance of being approved.

Over the years, we have helped people in every situation imaginable successfully apply for a UK visa. We understand what the Home Office is looking for in an application and what to do should a Judicial Review or Administrative Review be required.

Our team of visa refusal appeal lawyers will work side-by-side with you throughout the appeals process, from completing the initial appeal form to the highest possible standard to attending any required court hearings.

We have helped people appeal rejections with decisions in regards to everything including

  • Deportation or removal of citizenship
  • Refusal of asylum or humanitarian apllications
  • Refusal of a human rights claim
  • Refusal of spouse or family visas
  • Rejected working visas 
  • Rejected student visas 

Whatever the reason for rejecting your application, we’ll look closely through the Home Office’s justification to ensure your appeal is as strong as possible and lays any concerns completely to rest.

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Can I appeal my visa rejection?

Although you will always have a form of recourse following your initial visa rejection, your right to appeal, and the legal processes involved, differ depending on your application.

All Points Based System (PBS) applications, alongside applications for family members of PBS applicants, will only receive the option to pursue Administrative Review. Points Based System visa applicants will be applying for Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5 visas.

If you are making a human rights or protection application, or one under EEA regulations, you will have the full right to appeal.

All those applying for visitor visas alongside other short-term applications will typically have no right to appeal, meaning reapplying is your only option apart from very specific circumstances.

Whatever your situation, we will be able to provide you with the advice you require, whether you’re going through the complete appeals process or need to ensure you’ve got all relevant information on your reapplication. 

What is the visa refusal appeal process?

The first step we will take when commencing the appeals process for a rejected visa application is to investigate what grounds of refusal were cited in your rejection and liaise with the Home Office to establish exactly why your application was turned down and assess your right of appeal.

Following this, we will have a completely open discussion with you where we lay out our findings and discuss the logical next steps. We understand how stressful this situation can be and will provide completely honest information, allowing you to make the best possible decision on what your next steps should be.

Should you decide to go ahead with your appeal, we’ll work closely with you to prepare your appeal application and write the accompanying Letter of Representation. It is these documents which will include the merits of accepting your application being argued and legal arguments and principles which support your case are cited.

As part of your case, you may also be required to attend an oral hearing, during which you will be required to make your case to a neutral tribunal specialising in these matters. Should this be required, our team will of course take the time to ensure you’re fully prepared and attend the tribunal to make your case.

How long does the visa refusal appeals process take?

Visa appeals can take anywhere from 6-12 months to be heard, meaning it’s vital you contact a specialist and get the process moving as quickly as possible.

What happens if my appeal is rejected?

If your initial appeal is unsuccessful you may be able to apply for a second appeal at the Upper Tribunal. Typically, this will only be possible if it has been judged there has been an “error of law” during the initial tribunal process.

How soon can I reapply after being rejected?

Occasionally, the most effective option following rejection is to simply submit a fresh application which addresses the issues raised in your initial rejection. Should this be the case, there is no time limit on how soon you can apply, and we would recommend getting started as quickly as possible.

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