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Excessive noise exposure over prolonged periods can cause hearing loss in many people. Regulations have got tighter on employers over the years and most people who worked in excessively loud workplaces did so some time ago. Most sufferers are unaware of any hearing loss at all until they start to lose hearing in later life through age. Then their hearing gets worse faster and earlier than they might expect – this is because their ‘reserves’ in the higher frequencies have been damaged by noise.

The most common industries where there was excessive exposure were engineering, steel works, printers, shipyards, manufacturing, tradesmen/construction, and textile mills. But the list is endless. A work hearing test usually only recorded the results for overall hearing. If you were passed OK when you had any work tests, these still might have shown a pattern consistent with noise damage in higher frequencies.


Noises in the ears (tinnitus) is usually caused by loud noise. Unfortunately, there is no medical test for tinnitus, but many consultants believe that if there is evidence of noise-induced hearing loss, as well as noises in the ears, then the noises are likely due to the high noise exposure as well. 

Hearing loss is a serious condition. It gets worse with age and can be very isolating. There is no cure, yet many people do not think to go to their GP about it. We recommend that you do this the same as you would for any other condition, as assistance may be available in the form of hearing aids and sometimes guidance and therapy to help you cope with the problems.

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