Industrial Disease

Industrial Disease Claims 

If you have been made ill as a result of your job or work environment, we can help. 

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What are industrial diseases? 

Industrial diseases are medical conditions resulting from exposure to either industrial hazards or to unreasonable heavy and / or over repetitious tasks, over prolonged periods of time. 

Common industrial diseases 

There are a wide range of illnesses that can be caused by unsafe working conditions, such as

Asbestos diseases

Asthma and other respiratory conditions

Repetitive strain injury (RSI)

Hand-arm vibration syndrome

Hearing loss and tinnitus, industrial deafness

Occupational dermatitis

Making an industrial disease claim 

Industrial disease claims can be lengthy, highly-complex processes, making specialist advice vital if you are to achieve the best-possible outcome.

Often, industrial illnesses were triggered a long time ago, making it difficult to trace the relevant companies and their insurers. We are experts at tracking down the right people and insurers.

We have the expertise to fight to get the compensation you deserve. We make every effort to avoid a prolonged case and the possibility of court, but if this does occur, we will be there to support you every step of the way. 

Industrial disease claims limitation 

In most cases, you need to make a compensation claim within three years of becoming aware your illness may be linked to your work, whether or not you have a diagnosis from your doctor.

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