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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

If you’ve had cosmetic surgery and the procedure did not go according to plan, we understand that you may be left suffering both physical and emotional pain. Our speclialist personal injury solicitors are here for you if errors have caused you to experience undesirable results after cosmetic treatments.

There are a number of ways in which beauty treatments can leave you feeling less than beautiful. New makeup that was not tested before being applied, laser, bleaching or hot stone treatments that are left too long to cause burns, or piercings that are incorrectly carried out causing infections. Any improper treatment or service such as this can provide grounds for a claim.

Our Clinical Negligence Solicitor could help you make a compensation claim if:

  • You didn’t receive enough information about the risks of your procedure
  • Your treatment wasn’t performed to the expected standard
  • A defective product was used 
  • You didn’t get the right aftercare

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