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Faulty Product Injury Claims

As everyday consumers of goods and services our rights are protected by Consumer Law. From poor quality and faulty goods to issues with services, our knowledgeable solicitors can help you understand your rights and the best way to move forward. We all purchase products on a daily basis, therefore we expect them to safe and in working order. However, this isn't always the case, as too often injuries can occur. When purchases fail, some fail more disastrously than others. For example, if an electrical product has caught fire, or your furniture collapsed, it could be a lot nastier than needing to look for a refund.

What are my rights when I buy from a shop?

Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, anything you buy from a trader must be:

  • As described
  • Satisfactory quality
  • Fit for purpose.

Under this Act, even if your guarantee has ended, you can still complain for up to six years from the date of purchase.

What does "as described" mean?

Any product you buy must match the description or any sample you've been shown.

How do I know if something is satisfactory quality?

This means they shouldn't have any faults unless they were sold as damaged stock. Products must also be reasonably durable - This is quite hard to define and depends on the goods.

What does "fit for purpose" mean?

When you purchase an item, you should expect it to do the job it's meant to do.

In terms of making a claim, you will usually get the cost of repair, or you can ask for a replacement or a repair. If this would cost too much, the shop can offer you a full or partial refund - the amount would depend on the defect and how much you've used the product. If you have bought a product that has failed and resulted in you suffering injury, call our personal injury team, on 0161 446 1122, who are experts in product liability, and we will do our utmost to get you the compensation you are entitled to.

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