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Lease extensions are proven to become particularly tricky as this area of law is fairly complex. If you’re planning to extend the lease on your flat and want the lease extension application to go through smoothly and swiftly, then we highly recommend that you talk to our Residential Property Solicitors and get the high-quality legal advice that you will need.

At Pabla and Pabla Solicitors, we will be able to help you prepare all of the necessary legal documentation – including the notice that you will need to provide your landlord to begin the formal lease extension process.

If your freeholder does not cooperate, our Residential Property Solicitors will be able to either provide you with advice on how to act during any negotiations with your freeholder or handle the negotiations on behalf of you if you cannot agree on a fair price with your landlord to be able to extend your lease.

Our solicitors will be able to check the lease extension documentation to ensure that your freeholder does not attempt to amend your lease by changing any terms and conditions, or potentially inserting any terms that are to your disadvantage. When you sign any documents, it is important that we check them over beforehand as you will be bound to any documents that your signature is on – you will not be able to withdraw your agreement by simply stating that you did not understand the legal nature and the effect of what you signed.

Our team of Residential Property Solicitors are genuine experts in the field, and we will also be able to deal with any post-completion matters – including the registration of the lease extension at HM Land Registry. We will always go beyond what is expected of us, to ensure that you’re happy with the care that you receive from us whilst we represent you. We can guarantee you that your case will be dealt with in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner which will help ensure the smooth running of the lease extension application.

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