New Build Purchase Legal Services

Purchasing a newly built home is an attractive proposition for many buyers. These purchases, however, often involve additional matters to those of a purchase of an established property, and so we urge you to speak to our Residential Property Team and get the high-quality, case-specific legal advice that you need.

The developer may well have an alternate conveyancing procedure from what you would typically anticipate – the developer will do this for their own convenience when dealing with a large number of sales simultaneously. There are also a number of elements such as planning issues, rights of access, road and drain adoption, new building warranties etc which are key to protecting your home and its use on purchase and beyond.

As the conveyancing process for new build purchases is a time-consuming and complex process, it is vital that you seek the correct legal advice from our Residential Property Solicitors. We can guarantee you that your case will be dealt with in a professional and efficient manner which will help ensure the purchase process is as smooth as possible. 

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