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If you are looking to remortgage your property, our team of specialists can help. We are on hand for all of our clients to offer step by step advice, ensuring you have peace of mind during this process. Each individual's reasons for choosing to remortgage their property will be different which is why we give each one of our clients a tailored service that is prompt and reliable.

When you come to the stage of where you have received an offer to remortgage from your bank, having a residential property services solicitor available is extremely important. Indeed, in most cases, your new lender will insist upon it. At this time, our solicitors ensure that all the legal requirements of your lender are satisfactory, and you are fully aware of the obligations of the proposed mortgage that has been offered to you. Remortgaging a home can take between 3-6 weeks; however, this can depend on a variety of variables. These include but are not limited to, the detail required by the lender, how fast a valuation can be conducted and the specific requirements of the lender. When you come to complete the remortgage, we will pay off your old mortgage, send you any additional funds that may be left over and register the new mortgage at HM Land Registry to then finalise the process.

The reasoning behind the vast majority of people remortgaging their house is:

  • Save money by lowering a rate of interest on their debt.
  • Funding a move into a different property
  • Release capital, also known as “equity, from their property


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