Transfer Of Equity/Transfer Of Title Legal Services

There are occasions when a property is not being purchased or sold on the open market, but a change legal ownership is required. Or perhaps you do not wish to change the legal ownership of the property but wish to set out how the proceeds of any future sale should be distributed.

A couple of examples for when a transfer of equity may need to occur include:

  • When cohabitation either occurs, changes or ends
  • A court order is issued
  • A property is gifted from one person to another
  • Family transfers
  • Trusts are established

When all parties involved in the transfer of equity are in agreement, an official document that is commonly known as a ‘Deed of Transfer’ is drafted for all parties to sign and any existing mortgage formalities will be completed. After the Deed of Transfer has been signed, an SDLTR (Stamp Duty Land Tax Return) may need to be completed, regardless as to whether a stamp duty is due. Following this, the next stage will involve the registering of all interests and charges over the property at the Land Registry, which, at this point, the property is formally registered in the new occupant’s name.

At Pabla and Pabla Solicitors, our team of residential property solicitors are highly experienced when it comes to a transfer of equity and therefore, we have the experience needed to assist you. Regardless as to whether you have paid off your mortgage or you’re still paying it off, we can help you make the necessary amendments and changes as efficiently as possible.

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