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Being involved in a road traffic accident (RTA) can be a traumatic and life-changing experience, not only for those injured but also for their families and loved ones. At Pabla and Pabla Solicitors, we know that you can be a very safe, competent driver but nowadays, this cannot guarantee your safety on the road. 

Our expertise 

Road traffic accident claims can be made in a variety of circumstances, and aren't limited solely to car accidents. Any road user, whether a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist, public transport user, or the driver or passenger in any other type of vehicle, could be entitled to compensation. Our solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with all types of road traffic accident claims, so you can be sure of receiving an exceptional service to deal with your case. Our Road Traffic Accident services include:

How we can help you

At Pabla Solicitors, we understand how difficult recovery from a road traffic accident can be, and we aim to remove as much stress from you in the following weeks and months as possible so you can focus on your recovery. We'll not just handle your claim, but we'll also help with practicalities following the accident, such as health care provision, vehicle repairs, hire charges and loss of earnings. More than anything, we aim to keep things clear, simple and as straightforward as possible, so there's no need for you to worry at any point about the legal complexities or technicalities of your road accident claim.  

You'll be kept informed throughout the claims process which will include the following:

  • Your free initial consultation which gives us a clear understanding of your road accident claim
  • If you have a case, we assign one of our specialist road traffic accident solicitors with the expertise to handle your claim
  • The legal team will investigate and build evidence to back up your case
  • We keep in touch with you throughout, so you're always informed
  • Finally, with your approval, we arrive at the best settlement possible  

It is crucial that you speak to our RTA Solicitors as soon as possible about any road accident injury - time limitation periods apply and investigating your claim is often easier if you begin proceedings quickly. Your initial consultation with us is FREE, and we'll tell you then whether or not your case is worth pursuing. If it is, we'll carry out our investigation of the case FREE of charge too. 

If you have used another solicitor before, it may be a case where you think that your claim may have been under settled and this could be because your former Solicitors gave you incorrect advice. We have the legal authority to request the file from your former Solicitor to see if we can help you obtain more compensation. 

Whether you suffered a simple bruising, whiplash or a more serious road traffic accident injury, Pabla and Pabla Solicitors can help. 

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With an office in the heart of Didsbury, Manchester, we are in a position to help all those in the Greater Manchester and North West area. Call Pabla & Pabla Solicitors on 0161 979 0793 or fill out our online contact form today to arrange your free consultation with one of our friendly road traffic accident solicitors and get your case open.  

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