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Damage caused by pedestrian accidents can be extremely severe, sometimes leading to fatalities. Providing you are not responsible for the incident, you are very likely to be able to claim compensation for your injuries.

Pedestrian accidents can result in a number of health issues like head injuries which in turn, could result in memory loss or even life-changing injuries such as spinal damage. This is why at Pabla Solicitors, we believe that getting you the support is just as important as making the claim for compensation.

What causes a pedestrian accident?

Some common causes of pedestrian accidents include the following:

  • Failure by drivers to check for pedestrians in crosswalks prior to driving through them
  • Drivers failing to stop at stop signs or red lights
  • Texting and other dangerous driver distractions
  • Drivers choosing to make turns without paying attention to their surroundings 
  • Speeding 
  • Driving under the influence 

At Pabla Solicitors, we take all of our claims seriously. When it comes to pedestrian accidents, some of the potentially major injuries that can occur, are extremely serious. Therefore, we believe that you should receive all the support that you deserve in order to make your recovery.

Some common injuries from pedestrian accidents include the following

  • Head trauma
  • Internal bleeding
  • Pelvic injury 
  • Spinal injury
  • Bone fractures 
  • Lacerations
  • Death

Can I make a claim?

If the incident was caused by someone other than you, then making a claim for compensation could be very worthwhile. During the process of claiming for your compensation, you can rest assured that our team of experienced solicitors will provide you with all the legal advice needed to support you along the journey.

It is important that you gather as much information as possible after the accident. Attempt to gather details such as their name, address, phone number, insurance information and license plate numbers. If you can take any photos at the scene of the incident, ensure that you do so as it will clearly outline the position of the vehicle, your injuries, skid marks, traffic signs and markers and any property damage.

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