Road Traffic Accidents

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If your vehicle has been damaged in an accident which was not your fault, then there is a chance that your vehicle will be out of service for a while. At Pabla and Pabla Solicitors, our road accident repair services can help ease the strain. 

Many of us rely on our vehicles a great deal in our day-to-day lives, so it can be inconvenient attending various garages for the best repair quotes. Instead of wasting hours trying to sort out a reasonable vehicle repair quote, we will take care of everything for you - This leaves you to get on with the important things in your life. We are able to arrange for your vehicle to be inspected by a qualified engineer either at your home or a convenient location of your choice and we will deal with the insurers directly to recover the money that is owed to you. 

Our solicitors can take away all the hassle of dealing with your vehicle repairs claim after a road traffic accident. Things happen quickly after a road accident. You will probably already have been called by insurers for the responsible driver, offering all sorts of things and maybe even cash up front instead of making an accident insurance claim through a solicitor.

Whatever you do, don’t accept their offers of ‘help’ without speaking to our qualified traffic accident lawyers first to be sure that you’re getting a fair deal. Insurance companies are, in our experience, more interested in cutting costs and getting the best deal for their shareholders, not you.

By contacting us as soon as possible after your car accident you ensure that our solicitors have the best chance of securing the maximum settlement for you. Where appropriate, we can arrange for independent expert engineers to inspect your vehicle. If it’s a ‘write off’ (i.e. worth less than the repair costs) we will ensure that you receive a fair price, not haggle with you like insurers do. If your vehicle is repairable, and again, where appropriate, your solicitor will arrange for it to be repaired at your preferred garage, not one appointed by the insurers you’ve never heard of (unless that’s what you want). That way, you can be confident that your vehicle will be in good hands.

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